It's Not a Crime to Have No Where to Sleep

The overall number of people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota is up by 10% from 2015; and while the number of families decreased by 5%, the number of adults 55 and older were up by 25%.

- Children and youth through age 24 represent nearly half of the homeless population in 2018 at 46%. -

Every 3 years, Wilder Research conducts a one-day, statewide count of people experiencing homelessness. The 2018 study took place on October 25.

The resulting highlights of initial observations, along with fact sheet and data tables can be found here:

Homeless Persons Cannot Be Punished for Sleeping in Absence of Alternatives, 9th Circuit Decision Establishes
04/01/19 Cassidy Waskowicz Acting Director of Development & Communications,

“Criminally punishing homeless people for sleeping on the street when they have nowhere else to go is inhumane.”

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