Faith Reflection from Rabbi Adam J. Titcher

Rabbi Adam J. Titcher

Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC) Day on the Hill 3/10/2015

St. Paul, Minnesota

It is written in the book of Deuteronomy: Justice, Justice, You shall pursue!

We have gathered today to pursue justice, as an organized group of prophetic voices to make our world better using the visions of all our faith communities.

We read from the Hebrew bible and understand the simplest meaning: we are commanded to pursue justice, so we pursue after it!

But why is the word justice written twice?

The rabbinic sages were curious about this doubling and suggested that the two uses of justice was to emphasize our need as a community, and even as a country, to have a properly working court system that rules in favor of right over wrong.

But is justice always about right and wrong? Are we always satisfied with the justice we receive?

Is justice always fair?

The rabbinic masters realized that justice was never balanced and further taught that justice was written twice to teach us that even when two sides come before judgment in any human court, one side will win, and that side’s justice will prevail, but the other side will lose. Its justice will fail.

There will always be two sides of justice, in any system regardless if it is failing or succeeding.

It is our obligation therefore to pursue justice from both ends and find what is right and just for everyone, even when our system complicates our path.

It is our mission to raise up human dignity with just causes and we must pursue our causes from both sides. Only then will we find the justice that we need to balance our world.

Let us pray on this:

Our God and God of our ancestors: We ask Your blessings – for our community, our its leaders and advisors, and for all people who understand and recognize the need for a just and rightful authority.

Teach us from the insights of all of your divine books that we may pursue justice in our community that is fair, that human safety and family care, economic security and prosperity, and justice and freedom may forever abide in our midst.

Creator of all flesh -- bless all the inhabitants of our country and the state of Minnesota with

Your spirit. May citizens of all races and creeds forge a common bond in true harmony, to banish hatred, bigotry, selfishness and greed, and to safeguard the ideals and free institutions that are the pride and glory of our country.

May this land, under Your providence, be an influence for good throughout our world uniting all people, helping them to fulfill the words of your Torah: Justice, Justice, You shall pursue!

Justice, Justice, we will find and justice, justice we will uphold.

And let us say: Amen!