Key Points for Policy Work

  1. Pray: MICAH’s POWER is God’s Power working through each of us.

  2. Love and Treat Others as you would want to be treated.

  3. Four A’s when talking with legislators:

    1. Awareness - Personal Story, Statistics

    2. Acceptance - We are all responsible for ensuring we have safe, decent, accessible, and affordable housing in our community.

    3. Action - Will they support this legislation. Yes, No, or do they need more information before deciding (help them get that information).

    4. Attitude - Treat each other with respect. Civil dialogue.

  4. Tell your story - how the housing crisis has impacted you, a family member, friend, or person you know/have worked with.

  5. Additional information is always being added to this site, Our Work is a great place to start.

  6. Types of communication that have the most impact: Phone Calls, Hand Written Notes, Personal Visits.

    1. Notes and phone call sample format:
      Representative/Senator ,
      My name is . I live at .
      I am a member of MICAH. I want you to support Bill number , named .
      Include a short reason why you want them to support it.

    2. Meetings with Legislator sample format:
      Thank you Representative/Senator for meeting with me.
      My name is . I live in . I am a member of MICAH.
      I want you to support Bill number , named .
      Short, personal story: why you want them to support the bill (2-3 minutes).
      Ask them, before you leave, if they will support the bill. Get a Yes, No, or find out what additional information they need.