Holy Week Reminds Us, the Importance of Home and Family

Holy Week is a time when many of us remember Passover and celebrate Easter. 
Ramadan will begin in a few weeks. 

We are reminded from our sacred writings to: Live the golden rule by loving others as ourselves.

As we enter the last month of the Minnesota Legislative Session we need to live our faith by calling on our Representative and Senators to utilize all of our resources to treat others as ourselves.

Through the home owner mortgage interest, property tax, capital gains, and homestead credits many of us will benefit in the next biennium by receiving over $1.8 Billion, in housing tax break subsidies, according to MN Department of Revenue.

At the same time we have a growing number of people experiencing homelessness, including a 25% growth in the number of seniors age 55 and older experiencing homelessness ( Wilder 2018 Homeless Study).

We have a need to create 111,331 affordable rental units NOW! MHP State of the State's Housing 2019)

Let us live our faith by treating others as ourselves.

Please take a few minutes to call your State Senator and Representative TODAY and demand equity in how we utilize our State resources by increasing affordable housing resources to ensure everyone in Minnesota, without exception, has a decent, safe, accessible and affordable Home!

God’s peace,

Sue Watlov Phillips
Executive Director, MICAH
Vice President, National Coalition For The Homeless