Housing for All Milestones

Housing for All has had a number of milestone accomplishments while working to promote and advocate for affordable housing for people in all stages of life in Maple Grove and the NW suburbs.

Following is a summary of what Housing for All has done to facilitate awareness and action:

  • Provided bus tours (in September 2006, May 2008, September 2009-2017) that allowed people from the community (public officials, church and business leaders, and interested citizens) to tour lifecycle housing sites in Maple Grove and surrounding communities, including affordable senior housing, workforce housing for people with stable modest-income jobs, and sites where future developments will be built.

  • Maple Grove highlighted in Metropolitan Council report for being fourth among metro cities in the number of affordable housing units created from 1996-2010.

  • Raised $41,500 to use towards the first land trust home in Maple Grove. Our partner, the non-profit Homes Within Reach, secured the remainder of the funding, purchased a suitable home, and solicited and screened homeowner applications. A young family moved into Housing for All’s first land trust home – and their first family home – in January 2009. Based partly on this success, the City of Maple Grove has agreed to contribute CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds toward several more land trust homes in our community. Go to www.homeswithinreach.org for more information on becoming a land trust homeowner.

  • Helped gain City Council approval for the Maple Village project, which provides 100 affordable housing units for modest-income families. Maple Village phase 1 opened on June 1, 2009 with all 54 units rented. Our strategies included attending and testifying at city council meetings, sending letters and emails, meeting with potential neighbors of the development and developing relationships with the business community to gain their support.

  • Worked with City staff and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan sub-committee to ensure that the draft of the revised Comprehensive Plan included language favorable to affordable housing. The Plan, with this favorable language, was adopted in fall 2008. In conversation for the 2018 comprehensive plan with many cities.

  • Formed a Business/Community Roundtable consisting of leaders from local area businesses who have an interest in and commitment to workforce housing for their employees. Established in early 2008, the Roundtable met at local community locations.

  • Educated and raised awareness of the issue of affordable housing by having a float in the Maple Grove Days parade in 2007 and 2008.

  • Participated in the Business Expo as part of Maple Grove Days in July of 2009-2012.

  • Housing for All advocated for Hickory Ridge a family designated project based Section 8 development in Maple Grove to remain affordable. The residents of this development are primarily women, children.